Prayer Team

Whether this means adding the work of Natalie’s Sisters to your daily prayer list or joining a group dedicated to praying for girls by name, your prayers are needed. Let us know how you would like to be involved in prayer.

Club Team

Every week, teams bring homemade food into adult entertainment clubs around Lexington. Join the team by cooking, providing security, or going into the clubs and befriending those working inside.

Street Team

You can help women involved in prostitution by joining the street outreach team. We have teams that provide sack meals, resources, and care to women on the street as well as within the Drop-In Center. Additionally, you can sign up to make lunches for the Drop-In Center or the street team.

Other Outreach

Other opportunities involve visiting the women we know at the hospital or while they are in jail. This really blesses the ladies, and we are seeing more and more of them requesting visits from team members. Join our outreach team.