Just Like Us

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Many people come to volunteer at Natalie’s Sisters and other outreach ministries with preconceived notions.

When our friend Sarah joined us, she was surprised in many ways. She has since moved out of town, but before she left she shared some thoughts about her time with us.

“There’s a stereotype that alienates at-risk women by robbing them, if only subconsciously, of familial ties and womanly emotions. My time volunteering at Natalie’s Sisters helped me understand these are women just like us.

My first volunteer experience was at the Drop-in Center. I saw some things I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect a sense of family. One woman came in with flip flops on and gave them to another woman who needed shoes. She left barefoot and humming.

I gave food to women on the streets, wrote letters, and served at the Drop-in Center. I learned names, favorite condiments, favorite juices. Our Sisters are not “prostitutes” or “criminals.” They are my sisters. They are just like my family -- young women, wives, sisters, grandmothers.  Each has a favorite color, a favorite childhood memory, and a favorite breed of dog. 

Natalie’s Sisters reinforced something I had already learned on overseas mission trips. These women helped me more than I helped them. Sure, I was a listening ear; I handed them a bag of food or a blanket. But they taught me how to be a vessel that contains Jesus in his true form -- Love. They taught me patience and understanding. They opened my eyes to a world that had been under my nose for a long time but one I had ignored.”


For information about serving with Natalie’s Sisters, please email training@nataliessisters.org.

Jani Lewis

Executive Director


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Emily Owens