Birthdays are about more than just cake at Natalie’s Sisters.

 She sits down at the end of the table and says quietly with   her head down, “Did you remember it’s my birthday?”

 “Of course we did!  We’ve been waiting for you to get here   so we can all celebrate,” our team member says as she   hugs our Sister and points to her birthday cake and present   on the side table.  “It’s chocolate, your favorite!”  Our   Sister’s chin lifts and her smile lights up the whole room.   It’s like a light turns on inside of her, as soon as she knows   we haven’t forgotten.

 Her reaction is nothing new to us at Natalie’s Sisters. We   understand the importance of birthdays here.  So many of the women we work with have never celebrated, or can’t remember the last time anyone else even knew it was their birthday. We do our best to remember everyone’s – and even keep items on hand in case we’re caught by surprise.  That’s happened a few times: ladies forget to tell us in advance, someone stops in while visiting from out of town, or a new girl comes in for the first time on her birthday.

All our Sisters join in singing “Happy Birthday.” We’re a bit off tune and some forget the words, but it doesn’t matter.  There are smiles all around – everyone is blessed by celebrating. It doesn’t take much; a few decorations, a yummy cake and a gift bag are obviously a blessing – but what’s really important to our Sister is knowing that someone sees her, remembers it’s her special day and cares. 


This is the day the Lord has made;

let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

Psalm 118:24 


Jani Lewis

Executive Director

Emily Owens